White Webb's Intaglio
Clearly Classic
Venetian Silver

As a complement to their interior design business, Matthew White and Frank Webb have created several furniture collections, which reflect the same range, attention to detail, and imagination that define their work. Foremost among them is White Webb’s Clearly Classic Collection of acrylic occasional tables. Perceiving a void in the marketplace for the “perfect” side table, the designers set out to create pieces that have what they call a “quiet personality.” Rendering classically inspired designs in a modern material – high-grade Plexiglas – gives them a subtle, other-worldly quality that blends equally well with traditional and modern interiors. People often ask what the difference is between Lucite, Plexiglas and Perspex, and the answer is simple. They all just happen to be brand names for a material known as acrylic. White Webb’s Clearly Classic Collection uses only the highest grade Plexiglas, which contains UV protection to ensure years of sparkling splendor. Visit a Donghia showroom near you for more information on this line.